Tragopan Photo Blinds

Hi Folks! A few years back I met a French fellow designing the kind of photography blinds I had always wanted for my work. For years I was using cheap hunting blinds that I’d have to cut holes in and would be in tatters after a few projects. I have been collaborating with him ever since and we are now producing 4 high quality blinds specialized for photographers!

Working from blinds opens up opportunities and locations you could never get without them – from grouse leks, to pond edges, to skittish birds like kingfishers. I’ve become quite fond of the process of finding a good location where I can predict behavior and setting up for a unique opportunity. They are great for backyard feeders too!

Contact me up if you have any questions or comments about the blinds or ways you think they can be improved. check them out at Good shooting!

tragopan V-Plus

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